God’s Grace is enough!


Wholly yours by David Crowder Band…

You are everything that is bright and clean
And You’re covering me with Your majesty
And the truest sign of grace was this
From wounded hands redemption fell down
Liberating man

You are holy, holy, holy
All heaven cries “Holy, holy God”
You are holy, holy, holy
I want to be holy like You are

But the harder I try the more clearly can I feel
The depth of our fall and the weight of it all
And so this might could be the most impossible thing
Your grandness in me making me clean

Glory, hallelujah
Glory, glory, hallelujah
So here I am, all of me
Finally everything
Wholly, wholly, wholly
I am wholly, wholly
I am wholly, wholly, wholly

I am full of earth and dirt and you are…

This song displays Gods grace. Grace that even though we are filthy sinners and deserve flames He not only calls us to repentance but also forgives us for being so wicked at heart. Also the sense of conviction in the bridge displays Gods grace further in that we are mere sinners and so undeserving of Gods love and sometimes it seems just so impossible that we could be loved so much. Not that it is impossible, that’s just how one would feel when he feels convicted of his own sin and recognizes how graceful God really is…

The Sufficiency of God’s Grace by Dr. John MacArthur. http://www.gty.org/resources/sermons/80-72/The-Sufficiency-of-Gods-Grace

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